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Welcome to the Online School for Systemic Leadership!

This school was founded by Jennifer Campbell, the creator and host of the Systemic Leadership Summit.

The Systemic Leadership SummitTM is an online event and has a simple mission – to help create a shift in our leadership paradigm and dramatically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders across the world. How? By introducing you to a highly diverse, cutting edge and experienced group of influencers.

We bring together dozens of the world’s most influential thought leaders, experts and wise individuals from across the world, who live and breathe systemic approaches and who embody this paradigm shift towards a new collective focused leadership. Learn more about our summits by clicking on one of our featured programs on this page.

We hope you have a wonderful learning experience! Until our next summit, please remember our company motto:

Let's build strong & healthy living human systems,

one system at a time